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With MCT, direct mail success is in the cards…sometimes literally!
MCT’s experts have decades of experience working with marketers on the planning and execution of successful direct mail card packages. We are proud to have created the first-in-the-industry comprehensive eBook on the topic: The Essential Guide to Boosting Direct Mail Response using Membership Cards.  
Direct mail cards are typically printed on plastic or paper. Loose cards (those that aren’t integrated into the form or blown on as clean release cards) generally range from .015” - .030” (also described as 15-30 mil or 15-30pt). Ask us about our BetterCore™ family of sustainable card materials!
Making that personal connection...
For maximum impact, allow us to personalize your cards with names, card numbers, special offers, or other variable information.
Personalization options include…
  • Up to 5 lines of embossing, with or without silver, gold, black, or white foil topping (For best results, consult with your MCT expert for recommendations on a card material that is suitable for the number of desired lines of embossing)
  • DOD imaging of text, barcodes, and graphics (standard DOD imaging is monochrome black – check with your MCT expert for availability of other colors) 
  • Thermal imaging of text, barcodes, and graphics (thermal imaging requires a suitable laminated card finish and is available in black and a limited selection of colors)
...and pairing with your direct mail message.
With MCT you can match-affix 1 or 2 cards to your personalized letter! Do you want to attach two different card designs side-by-side, or maybe one card and one set of key tags? No problem! With two hoppers, we can do that!
Are you inserting your letter and attached cards into a matching closed face envelope? Again, not a problem. MCT employs read-write technology to enable 3-way-match during inserting. Don't forget, MCT stands apart as the only full-service direct mail production company in the U.S. to have complete in-house card manufacturing and personalization capabilities
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