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World-class end-to-end card production
An easy drive from either of Chicago’s two primary airports, MCT's PCI compliant, access-controlled, and climate-controlled card manufacturing facility is ideally situated for affordable transportation nationwide. Within our four walls, you will find...

  • High security card manufacturing - MCT is approved for manufacturing of EMV & non-EMV financial products, including Visa, Mastercard, and other open-loop payment cards

  • State-of-the-art inline gift card personalization, affixing, and packaging equipment

  • Chip milling & embedding - contact, contactless, and dual-interface

  • All card production steps under one roof, minimizing delays and transportation costs

  • Scale and automation to meet peak demand - with card manufacturing capacity of over 10,000,000 cards weekly

Uncompromising print quality...
When it comes to print production, consistency is key. MCT applies G7® across our entire print platform for the calibration and management of color. For best color representation, customers receive proofs on the stock specified for each individual order. MCT's pre-press department boasts process free plate making, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable pre-production environment for our employees and surrounding community.
Our litho UV offset inks are formulated to provide superior adhesion and vibrant colors on both plastic and paper substrates. We offer a variety of inline hot-stampable UV coatings to enhance the finish of non-laminated paper and plastic cards.
In our silkscreen department, our silkscreen technicians have decades of experience working with conventional and UV silkscreen inks. Silkscreen is a fantastic option for achieving brilliant metallics, pearlescent effects, stunning fluorescent colors, glitters, opaque whites, and other unique colors. Silkscreen is also a natural choice for sensory and interactive inks and treatments, such as fragrance inks, textural coatings, raised inks, soft touch, chalkboard finish, and glow-in-the-dark or blacklight ink.
...with the right finishing touch.
Step into our card finishing department at MCT, and you will find a world-class Oasys platform, including automated collating, lamination, and card punching. In addition to gloss, smooth satin, and rough matte laminated finishes, we offer an assortment of unique premium Tesseluxe™ finishes, giving your cards delightful edge-to-edge reflective, tactile, and holographic effects.
As an approved and trusted manufacturer of Visa and Mastercard card products, we maintain a robust hot-stamping platform for the application of elegant specialty foil elements and holograms. We also have our own in-house tapelayers, state-of-the-art IC milling and embedding equipment, and everything you need for the production of EMV payment cards.
Looking for something truly new and unique? Delight your VIP cardholders with full-color printing on your card edge, or with raised full-color relief printing. Talk to your MCT representative today to find out more about this unique option. 
Craftsmanship with a healthy dose of science.
In the end, customer satisfaction is closely tied to product quality. To ensure we meet our customers' quality needs, our quality assurance steps take into account both our customers' unique SLA expectations and the specific form and function of our customers' cards. Inspection for a particular project might entail an appropriate AQL statistical sampling method, a complete 100% inspection, or a combination of both approaches. 
MCT’s high-speed automated inspection equipment, operated by highly trained inspection auditors, ensures consistency and precision in inspection. MCT's onsite, fully-equipped quality lab provides our auditors with the tools needed to conduct a full and proper industry-standard quality evaluation across all relevant characteristics, measuring variables such as bending stiffness, scratch-resistance, durability, impact resistance, torque, flatness, and more.
Speaking of cards, did we mention that MCT stands apart, as the only company in the United States offering both full-service card production and complete direct mail production in house

Are you transitioning your magnetic striped cards from PVC to paper?


Don’t compromise on the quality of your magnetic stripe!


Leave your paper card project in our hands, and you’ll enjoy high-quality ISO-compliant magnetic stripes every time.

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MCT is a premier card manufacturer with the wide-ranging experience and capabilities to make your program a success. Whether you are in need of payment cards, promotional cards, access cards, or gift card packages, MCT has you covered!
Here are some of the reasons our customers choose to bring their card projects to MCT:
  1. Peace of mind -- Our founders, managers, and key team members have been in the card and direct mail businesses for decades and have the expertise needed to solve challenges and deliver a consistently high level of quality.

  2. Value -- MCT has the experience and scale to deliver an exceptional product and level of service at a great price. 

  3. Our production team leaders are true craftsmen – each of our pressroom and finishing managers has over 25 years of experience.

  4. We are large enough to turn large orders quickly and economically, yet small enough to be nimble – when a quick decision is necessary, it will be made in the hallway, not the boardroom (we don’t actually have a boardroom).

  5. We are privately owned, American-owned, and minority owned.

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