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Surprise! Marketing Card Technology is 10 years young!

Updated: Apr 10

We’re celebrating our birthday with a sweet new website… Read on to see what else is new at MCT!

Happy 10th birthday cake with the message "MCT, We're just getting started"

2023 is a special year for MCT. When we opened our doors in 2013 as a minority-owned card manufacturer and direct mail service provider, we were small in size, but our founders had two big advantages. First, our starting team of employees brought years of experience from the card and direct mail industries and shared a passion for customer care. Secondly, our early customers believed in us and became long-term partners in our growth. Today we celebrate with our employees and customers. Welcome to our new website! Come on in, have some cake, and read on to learn what's new at MCT!

We're expanding our secure card offerings!

We love to work with our customers on unique card constructions, and we are continually expanding our list of approved dual-interface chip technologies! And if you are a card issuer who is looking to lead the way with dynamic and biometric security features, we we would love to talk about projects we have in the works!

Our magnetic-striped paper cards are the bomb!

Are you are looking to convert your magnetic-striped plastic gift cards, key cards, or other cards from plastic to paper? If so, your cards' magnetic stripes will need to meet exacting standards if you want them to look good and function properly the first time and every time the card is used. We have to say, our materials and process are hands-down the best in the industry for delivering paper cards with beautiful, reliable, and durable magnetic stripes!

We're personalizing direct mail in new ways!

Sample of a personalized direct mail package

The numbers are in. Despite consumers' attachment to mobile devices, people of all ages continue to love getting mail! Consumers are way more likely to open, read, and act on Direct Mail than they are willing to engage with email marketing.

Here are some of the ways we help our customers personalize their transactional and promotional direct mail to boost response...

  • Our 3-Way-Match at Insert will enable you to deliver your offer or message in a closed-face outer envelope, including up to 6 inserts at a time, two of which can be uniquely personalized to the recipient.

  • Our Laminated Postcards can be fully personalized in attractive digital color and are a great way to get eyes on your message right away! Boost engagement and response by incorporating a perf-out membership card in your laminated postcard design.

  • Our Colorful OE Personalization draws attention to the message you know will resonate with each individual recipient! Eye-catching, relevant, and personalized messages get response!

We're coming to an event near you!

Whether we are talking to restaurant owners, bankers, retailers, nonprofits, or hoteliers, we continue to believe in the value of meeting with our customers in person whenever we have a chance. Check out our Upcoming Events! We hope to see you soon and learn more about what you're up to!

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