Card Production

Marketing Card Technology operates a 90,000 square foot facility in Downers Grove, IL where we manufacture, personalize, affix, and fulfill as many as 1 million plastic/paper cards per day in a PCI certified secured environment.

Some of our highlights in card production include:

  • Fully secured facility for both card manufacturing & production.

  • PCI Compliant for card manufacturing - approved supplier for manufacturing EMV & Non-EMV financial products.

  • In-house printing, imaging, affixing, mailing, & distribution. Schedules are flexible when you can feed daily from one service to the next.

  • Manufacturing capacity in excess of 10,000,000 cards weekly.

  • Card personalization capacity of 5,000,000 cards weekly.

  • Card affixing capacity of 3,000,000 cards weekly.

  • MCT welcomes utilization of a single service or all services depending on the client's existing needs.

In-house printing/manufacturing of plastic cards is a staple service of Marketing Card Technology. MCT has many years of experience working as a trade organization and a direct supplier.

Click HERE to learn more about our card manufacturing services.

  • Laminated cards in excess of 30mil manufactured within ISO standards.

  • Surface printed UV cured cards on materials up to 30mil.

  • Substrates include but are not limited to...

    • PVC​

    • Paper C1S

    • rPVC (recycled PVC)

  • In-house printing using both UV litho & silkscreen presses.

    • Litho printing of up to 6C in a single pass, but capable of numerous passes of print to accommodate more complex designs. ​

    • Silkscreen printing of a range of products such as: metallic or pearl flood coatings, pre-lamination specialty inks, post-lamination overprints, scented inks, color-shifting inks, glow-in-the-dark, signature panels, and more.​

  • Standard and specialty card sizes... 

    • High-Die punches available for CR80 (2.125" x 3.375"), 3-up keytags, luggage tags, & various corner hole punches.

    • PMC dies available for UV coated CR80, alternate corner radius, & specialty sizes with or without unique outer cut requirements.

    •  Steel-rule dies are used when flexibility is needed for specialty card and keytag combinations.

  • Foil hot-stamp signature panels, holograms, or custom designs. Full sheet foil stamp available for large static projects or non-standard size cards.

  • Chip milling/embedding for contact cards.

  • Magnetic stripes (HiCo or LoCo) in standard or custom colors.

In-house card personalization and post-print finishing services provide our clients with a relief on overly complicated project management of their card projects. MCT offers personalization and finishing as a single service or an add-on to our card printing.

MCT believes in industry education. Please refer to our Glossary of Industry Terms section on our resources page or click any word in color to jump right to a pop-up definition.

  • Types of card personalization...

    • Embossing (single card from 1-4 lines)

    • DOD with plasma treatment allows for flexibility in substrate imaging.

      • Magnetic stripe encoding​.

      • In-line scratch-off over PIN.

    • DOD with UV dryer is great for direct mail.

    • In-line affix & DOD image. Used for direct mail packages to avoid "match affixing".

    • Thermal imaging.

  • Affixing & Fulfillment Services...

    • Affixing of activation labels.

    • Batch & shrink or Batch & box cards or cards on carrier.

    • Generic affix card to carrier. Gift card & loyalty card programs.

    • Match affix card to carrier. Direct mail & loyalty card programs.

    • In-line affix & DOD imaging.

    • B2B fulfillment with account range tracking option to units.

    • B2C fulfillment. Match affix & mail via USPS.

  • Extensive experience with 3rd party distribution of gift cards including Blackhawk Network and InComm specifications.

  • MCT works with data from processors and program managers in a secure data environment utilizing various encryption methods and secured FTP.

Products & Services​

    Card Production

  • Card Manufacturing

  • Card Personalization

  • Embossing

  • DOD Imaging

  • Encoding

  • Scratch-Off

  • Activation Label

  • Thermal Imaging

   +   Direct Mail & Digit Print

  • Continuous Form Laser and Bindery

  • Generic Card Affixing

  • Match Card Affixing

  • Read/Write/Insert

  • Postage optimization

  • Commingle

  • 4CP Roll-to-Roll Digital Printing

Industries Served 


+ Trade Supplier

+ 3rd Party

+ Direct Relationships

  • Direct Mail Houses

  • Card Personalization Shops

  • Agencies

  • Brokers

  • Processors

  • Financial Institutions

  • Retail, Gas, Restaurant

  • Hospitality & Casino

  • Non-Profit

  • Glossary

  • Education

  • Associations

  • 2020 Trade shows

  • Product Explanation

  • Artwork Specifications

  • MCT Dielines

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